Only works with Goerli Testnet. Ask Rouse in the SovCube Telegram for testnet BSOV tokens.

About SovCube

SovCube is the name for a collection of smart-contracts that were made by voluntary contributors from the BSOV Token community, and was initially started with the deployment of a timelocking contract in August, 2019.

The "Sov" part of the name "SovCube", representing "Store-of-Value," directly aligns with the core function of the system, which is to preserve the value of the BSOV Token. The "Cube" portion of the name suggests structure, stability, and containment, which fits well with the idea of securely timelocking tokens.

The SovCube concept was created around year 2020, when a community member wanted to conceptualize a name for the timelock contract that already existed (Contract 1) for BSOV Token. In February 2024, the SovCube website was redesigned and launched with the creation of Contract 2 and the Rewards Reserve Contract.

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