Only works with Goerli Testnet. Ask Rouse in the SovCube Telegram for testnet BSOV tokens.

SovCube Timelocking dApp

Connect your wallet to continue.
Use a browser like Brave Browser or Google Chrome and download the Metamask wallet extension to be able to connect.

Strongly Recommended to read up at Docs & Help before you timelock any tokens.

To begin using the SovCube dApp you have to select a contract to interact with. The contracts have different parameters, and you should read the documentation before you timelock your tokens.

To get Timelock Rewards, you will need to timelock BSOV Tokens using Contract 2

Contract 1: Timelock & Withdraw BSOV Tokens.
Contract Info

Contract 2: Timelock, Receive Rewards, Withdraw & Send Timelocked BSOV Tokens.
Contract Info

Balances update every 10 seconds

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